Talent Ready Oregon City



As an employer, you know how important it is to create the best team to get the job done. Finding the right talent saves you time and money, and improves productivity.

Talent Ready Oregon City is here to help connect residents to employment opportunities and employers to local talent!

Employer benefits include:

  • Free job posting service aimed at a local audience
  • Customize connections to local job training resources to upgrade existing employee skills
  • Updates on workforce services and free/low-cost employee support resources — a benefit to share with your workers.

The Oregon City Economic Development Department enters into a simple program agreement with each of our Talent Ready Oregon City Employers. Participating employers agree to share information about available job opportunities at the company. Each agreement is customized for our partners.

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Contact Ann Griffin by phone at (503)974-5517, or by email at agriffin@orcity.org

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